50 Holistic Treatments For Kids 5 And Under

Dr. Pam Middleton gives an overview of the common childhood illnesses that holistic minded parents desire to treat naturally. This is a must have guide that will give parents the natural treatment options that they have been looking for in a clear concise manner.

  • Learn holistic treatment alternatives for common childhood illnesses
  • Avoid unnecessary doctor, urgent care and ER visits
  • Avoid treatments that may lead to side effects
  • You will no longer have to post on social media to find natural treatment options
  • Get invited to Dr. Pam’s private Facebook group ‘The Holistic Huddle with Dr. Pam’ and connect with likeminded families
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Holistic Home Remedies for Kids Starter Kit

Holistic Home Remedies for Kids Starter Kit is a Pediatrician approved parenting and natural remedies bundle for kids to get you started on your journey to raising healthy kids naturally.

This smart bundle includes:

  • 50 Holistic Treatment Options For Kids 5 And Under Book
  • 5 Must Have Natural Remedies For Your Child Video Series
  • Homeopathy To Decrease Potential Vaccine Side Effects Video
  • Printed List of 5 Must Homeopathy Haves
  • Printed Positive Parenting Checklist
  • Printed Positive Parenting Tactics for Toddlers
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The Natural and Holistic Treatments for Kids Video Kit

The Natural And Holistic Treatments For Kids Video Kit gives you the tools you need to raise healthy kids naturally.

  • You will no longer feel helpless when your child gets sick in the middle of the night
  • ​You will understand how to avoid potential side-effects of commonly prescribed medication and vaccines 
  • ​You will be confident about safe and effective natural treatments for your child 
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