Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment option for many childhood illnesses. Most remedies can be used for all age groups, including newborns. The dosage is the same for infants, children and adults. Because I frequently recommend homeopathic remedies in my practice I developed a kit containing those remedies.

The indications for items in my kit include teething, fever, croup, cold/flu, allergies, fluid in ears, vomiting and other common childhood illnesses. The most frequently used remedies in my kit include oscillococcinum, belladonna, ferrum phosphoricum, spongia tosta and chamomilla.

Dr. Pam’s homeopathic kit contains the following items (subject to change based upon most commonly prescribed items)

*note-this is different from the suggested travel kit

allium cepa 9c: runny nose

apis mellifica 15c: swelling from insect bites or allergies

argentum nitricum 9c: apprehension with agitation

arnica 9c: trauma & bruises

arsenicum album 9c: travelers diarrhea

belladonna 9c: sudden high fever with sweating and red face

calcarea carbonica 9c: cradle cap

chamomilla 9c or 30c: teething pain with irritability

ferrum phosphoricum 9c: low grade fever(mild), coughs, fluid in ears (very helpful before flying)

histaminum hydrochloricum 9c: allergies

ipecacuanha 9c: nausea and vomiting

kali bichromicum 9c: sinus infections, colds with thick nasal discharge

kali iodatum 9c: colds with frontal sinus pain

kali muriaticum 9c: nasal congestion with thick white nasal discharge

nux vomica 9c: excessive eating or drinking, stuffy colds, stress

oscillococcinum: first signs of cold or flu

spongia tosta 9c: croupy cough

Dosage for babies, children and adults is the same: 5 pellets under the tongue as needed for relief of symptoms (may dissolve or crush for infants)
Yours In Health,

Dr. Pam